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Clients Brief:

Founder of NoazArk, Bea Scott, first approached us in 2018 with a lifelong dream to create her own organic skincare brand, using her childhood and Irish heritage as her inspiration she explained in detail exactly how she saw it. Bea needed some time to collect her thoughts and put together a plan of how she would make her dream a reality after our initial meeting.

Our team reconvened with her in early 2019 to get the ball rolling again. We started by doing some research into the market to see what sort of look we should start to design around. We understood that the client wanted the following to be at the for-front of our plans: Different, Clean, Quirky and Irish.

Services Provided:

Typeography & Colour:

We presented our ideas to NoazArk and left it to them to decide their favourite loose concept we had created. Once this crucial decision had been made we then started to experiment with colours and typography. The final fonts and colours we used can be seen below.










Arapey 100


Arapey 600





Website Design & Build:

Once we had created a fresh brand identity we then needed to implement it. One major platform which needed to be reinvented was their website. We decided to open Wealden Woodstyle up as their previous website was tightly condensed throughout with the layout being placed into one central column with no content outside of this. We created the site to be colourful, easy to navigate, interesting and informative.

One element 'Wealden' were particularly keen to be included in there new site from the start of the project, was that they wanted to have a place were they could show off new, exciting projects they had completed. They wanted these projects to be categorised and easy for themselves to update in the future.