Your online shop window

Your website is the first platform people will use to establish whether or not you’re the sort of company they want to work with, so you need to be able to prove that you are. A successful website should have a memorable design that compliments the service that you are offering. With the help of our experienced designers, we will ensure that your site perfectly fits the brief.

Bespoke design and user experience

It’s one thing to design a website, but it’s another to design it effectively. A successful website can’t merely look pretty (although that’s great), it needs to be functional, usable and tie in clearly with the message or ethos of your business. If people click onto your site and don’t feel compelled to explore it, maybe a make over or even a fresh new look altogether is required. At AOD Digital Hub, we like to consider ourselves your very own digital style gurus!

We pride ourselves on designing websites that are truly unique to you and your business. Our team has vast and enviable experience in design, working with a large, diverse client base. These include some of the largest organisations in the country to newly-established start-up businesses. We design websites that precisely communicate core messages directly to target audiences.

As technology advances, so do the methods and approaches to creating websites. For example, a responsive website is now considered a standard requirement for online communication. Plus, the ability to navigate easily and efficiently across all forms of media is absolutely essential.

Typically, it takes 4-8 weeks to complete a website. However, if you’re in a hurry to unveil your site’s dazzling new look to the world, by working together it is always possible to speed up the process.

The use of great images will make a website look professional. Where possible, using your own custom images is best, however we understand that sometimes this is not always possible. Format and quality are key factors and you may not have suitable images at the time you are having your website built. So rather than compromising the quality of your new website with low quality images, we have cost effective solutions.

When people visit your site they are generally looking for 3 pieces of key information.

    • Can you do/supply what I need?
    • How good are you?  (portfolio/reviews)
    • Who are you

Some strategically written text will help maintain interest whilst passing on your core messages to encourage further contact. We are very happy to compose text on your behalf or work closely with you to ensure we cover every important aspect of your business. Crucially, well written web text plays a key role in achieving efficient Search Engine Optimisation.

It’s almost impossible not to notice how quickly methods of providing products and services are transforming. A brilliant example of this is the boom in the use of mobile apps to maximise businesses’ impact, access and reach. In a time where people are estimated to spend at least 24 hours on their phones every week, expanding your business onto a smartphone or tablet-friendly app can only be a step in the right direction.

With our experience, we can build you an app that both enhances your brand and provides a smooth user experience for your audience – the perfect position to establish a solid customer base and set yourself apart from your competitors.

It is no secret that great content is virtually useless without the tricks and tips needed to make it visible to relevant audiences. From your web text, social media, blogs, reviews and testimonials, we will ensure that your digital content is fully optimised to help achieve a high level of visibility and engagement, allowing your digital presence to flourish and impress.

Print is not dead. Whilst we specialise in digital design, our team is very well-rounded and we have a vast array of knowledge in delivering traditional print and graphic design services. From corporate identity and logos, to creating stunning stationery, literature, display banners, exhibitions and promotional items for events, we’re well equipped to deliver. Got questions? Get in touch.

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